Monday, December 11, 2017

Black Star Riders - Heavy Fire

This gem that is 'Heavy Fire' has been out for a while now and like very fine wine, it has aged amazingly well. And that’s the reason why I took my time to write this review. Black Star Riders have been close to my heart from the moment I heard they had formed. After all, Scott Gorham from my favourite band of all time, Thin Lizzy, got the band going with Ricky Warwick from another favourite band, The Almighty, so of course, I would be into them. Even though their first two albums, ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ and ‘The Killer Instinct’ are very good in their own right, they both show a band trying to find it’s identity, where especially ‘The Killer Instinct’ quickly lost momentum. And that’s why I used the long time frame to put these words on paper. I wanted to give the new wax time to breathe. And it sure as hell paid off. Because on ‘Heavy Fire’ all the pieces have fallen in place and Black Star Riders are finally Black Star Riders with a killer album to match.

The title track catapults opus number three into orbit immediately with it’s hard, razor sharp riffs and super heavy rhythm section. And I think it’s safe to say that the song epitomizes what Black Star Riders are. Every little piece used to form and shape the band is featured and the end-result is fantastic. ‘When The Night Comes’ keeps the pace with a heavy rocking chorus while the verses bring out that punk and diesel attitude The Almighty perfected. And man, Black Star Riders are on fire. Scott Gorham’s past comes out beautifully in ‘Dancing With The Wrong Girl’. The heritage of Thin Lizzy is all over the place, if you ask me. The storytelling, the harmonies, the solos, you name it, making it a brilliant homage to the best band in the world. ‘Who Rides The Tiger’ hits the ground running as the band elegantly rocks hard, real hard pounding the listeners into the ground with a music barrage of unheard of portions. So by the time ‘Cold War Love’ starts it gives you a chance to catch your breath. Being the closest thing to a ballad it allows an old timer like yours truly to ponder one’s ability to keep up with even older guys who kick your ass so easily. Not that I’m complaining but this sad song of longing and despair is the perfect bridge back into heavier rock territories.

A little bit slower but full of mesmerizing twin-axe harmonies and some sweet bluesy solos, ‘Testify Or Say Goodbye’ grabs you immediately and reels you in hook, line and sinker. ‘Thinking About You Could Kill Me’ ups the ante with a thumping bass guitar line leading the way until the song gradually becomes heavier and rockier. Semi-heavy and bluesy in approach which goes back and forth between sombre explicit parts and more in-your-face attitude, ‘True Blue Kid’ has an amazing exchange between guitarists Scott Gorham and Damon Johnson through the solos and harmonies. Beautiful, waveriders, beautiful! A strange yet spellbinding mix of heavy blues, punk - mainly in the vocal and lyric delivery - and soul ‘Ticket To Rise’ confirms even further that Black Star Riders have honed in on their own sound. Up front and personal, the band is on fire, to say the least. Ending with a more punkish song in ‘Letting Go Of Me’, especially in attitude, the guys add sharp riffs as well as melody resulting in a perfect closer.

An album you go back to time and time again, is the perfect sign of greatness. Whether it’s on constant play or sometimes put away only to be frequently revisited, either way is, in my opinion, one of the biggest compliments you can give a record. And ‘Heavy Fire’ falls into this exclusive group, and then some. Black Star Riders has finally reached that place where everything they do is right, which, in turn, means the album(albums) they release are going to have a great lasting effect. A fantastic third recording by a band who deserves the greatest accolades. Don’t miss out, waveriders!


Sunday, December 10, 2017


Two years after their last outing and after a couple of great tours the Roma rockers Black Rainbows are back with a new drummer and an incredible record coming out in spring via Heavy Psych Sounds!!!


Since the release of their debut album, Twilight in the Desert, in 2007, Roma rockers Black Rainbows have become one of the most essential acts in Europe’s heavy underground. As the spearhead of an entire movement of Italian bands, They’ve issued five full-lengths to-date and are on the precipice of their sixth in 2018, with founding guitarist/vocalist Gabriele Fiori and bassist Giuseppe Guglielmino welcoming new drummer Fillippo Ragazzoni to the fold for the first time.

Across albums like 2010’s Carmina Diablo (recently reissued), 2011’s Supermotherfuzzalicious!!, 2015’s Hawkdope and 2016’s Stellar Prophecy, Black Rainbows’ sound has oozed between classic ‘90s-style stoner fuzz and deep-cosmos psychedelia, drawing on the best of hard-driving space rock to conjure a vibe totally tripped-out and all its own. By bringing Ragazzoni on board, the riffs have gotten tighter and are fuzzed as ever, and two years after their last outing, Black Rainbows enter 2018 refreshed and with well-earned veteran status resulting from countless tours, festival appearances, and their track record of absolutely unstoppable energy.

Gabriele Fiori - Guitar & Vocals
Giuseppe Guglielmino - Bass
Filippo Ragazzoni - Drums

Heavy Psych Sounds Records&Booking

CLAMFIGHT: New Jersey Quartet To Release III LP Via Argonauta Records In January; Track Debuted At Doomed And Stoned + Preorders Posted

New Jersey sludge crushers CLAMFIGHT present their third album, III, which will see January release through Argonauta Records. Alongside the album's cover art, track listing, and other details, the band and label have teamed up with Doomed And Stoned webzine to premiere the album's first single, "History Of The Earls Of Orkney."

CLAMFIGHT offers, "We're thrilled to be working with Argonauta for the upcoming release of III.  We had a few options available to us however we kept going back to Argonauta because Gero seemed so genuine and honest to work with. We're also pretty tight with the lads in Hollow Leg and they had nothing but great things to report regarding their experience with Argonauta. We're excited about the potential that exists with this budding relationship and look forward to broadening our reach across the Atlantic and helping promote the other great bands on the Argonauta roster!"

With their debut of "History Of The Earls Of Orkney," Doomed And Stoned reports in part, "CLAMFIGHT have always offered up a lot of fun with their song titles and especially their lyrics. This go 'round, they're honed in on a theme, of sorts: the small Scottish islands of Orkney... III transports us to another world, one that is less fantasy and more a part of history, which is always twice as fascinating to me."

Stream the new song at THIS LOCATION.

Booming with five massive tracks which total nearly forty-five minutes of groove-laden sludge-soaked stoner rock jams, CLAMFIGHT sounds more victorious in their thunderous mission than ever before on their third full-length release. III was recorded and produced at Gradwell House Studios in New Jersey by Steve Poponi, with additional recording by Davin Sosa and Christopher Skowronski. The album was mastered by Dave Downham at Gradwell House, and completed with photography by Woody Musgrove, and features guest contributions of lead guitar on "Whale Road" by CWolf, lead vocals on "Echoes In Stone" by Jean Saiz and Janette Valentine, and lead guitar and sonic spookery on "Echoes In Stone" and "Whale Road" by Erik Caplan.

CLAMFIGHT's III will see CD and digital release on January 19th through Argonauta Records; find preorders HERE.

A vinyl pressing of III will see release through Elder Magick with a release date to be announced.

III Track Listing:
1. Whale Road
2. Selkie
3. Echoes In Stone
4. Eynhallow
5. History Of The Earls Of Orkney

CLAMFIGHT has booked several new shows to break the new year in, beginning with a record release show for III in Philadelphia with Kings Destroy on January 19th. The next week they head south for two shows with Rukut, playing in Frederick January 26th and Charlottesville the 27th.

Watch for additional audio samples, tour dates, and more to be issued in the weeks ahead.

1/19/2018 Century - Philadelphia, PA *Record Release show w/ Kings Destroy
1/26/2018 Guido's Speakeasy - Frederick, MD w/ Rukut
1/27/2018 TBA - Charlottesville, VA with Rukut

The members of CLAMFIGHT, Joel Harris, Louis Koble, Andy Martin, and Sean McKee, are childhood friends turned grown-ass men who are almost as committed to big riffs as they are to each other. Influenced in equal parts by their dads' vinyl, that sketchy older kid from woodshop class' thrash and hardcore tapes as well as touchstone heavy bands like Sleep, Clutch, Neurosis, Eyehategod, and Mastodon, the band has plied its unique brand of suburban working slob metal up and down the East Coast of the United States since 2005. Having issued a debut album, Vol. I, in 2010, and a second album, I vs. The Glacier, in 2013, the quartet is now poised to release its third full length, III, through Argonauta Records.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Dan Miraldi - Love Under Fire EP

As someone who loves exploring new sounds in music there is something incredibly comforting in knowing that you can always go home again.  What does that mean?  I'm describing a situation in which you discover an artist you enjoy releases a new collection of songs and you know, music unheard, that you're about to listen to tunes that will reconnect you with what made you love music in the first place.  Speaking for myself I recently received the new Love Under Fire EP from Dan Miraldi and sure enough, it helped me return to my original musical happy place.

Thanks to my work at The Ripple Effect I was exposed to Dan Miraldi a few years ago.  He had put out a fantastic EP, appropriately titled Tease, which I took great pleasure in reviewing.  Sonically Mr. Miraldi expertly mines the classic rock/power pop vein that I identify with based off of the music I was regularly exposed to at a young age.  Years have passed but anything this young man releases I find captivating.  The Love Under Fire EP is no exception.

"The Sweet Sound Of Protest" explodes out of the gate thanks to its tremendous, rollicking guitar riff.  "Love Under Fire" brings the tempo down and features drum programming which reminds me of Nine Inch Nails "Closer".  "No Words" hearkens back to haunting psychedelic folk rock.  "Fear Is A Powerful Drug" is a Simon And Garfunkel-esque melancholy-filled acoustic ditty.  Closing out the EP "Name Of Love" and "Kids Are In The Street" ratchet the energy level back to dangerous levels with big, rockin' choruses.

Waveriders, if you have a hankering to hear some exceptional new music built upon the extraordinary foundation of 1960s and 1970s rock 'n' roll this EP is for you!  Dan Miraldi is a superb singer/songwriter who has never disappointed me with his music.  Pick up your copy of the new Love Under Fire EP today!


Friday, December 8, 2017

Don't Miss One of the Bay Area's Premiere Heavy Rock Events of 2018, RippleFest II

It's back! 

Be prepared as Ripple Music takes over Thee Parkside stage for the second RippleFest!

This time, bigger and badder than ever, RippleFest II (a.k.a The Ripple Rager) features 5 (!) Ripple bands including Montreal's The Hazytones as they stop by on their cross North American Tour.

Jam to the heaviness of The Watchers, The Hazytones, ZED, Blackwulf and War Cloud, Saturday night Feb 3, at 8pm at Thee Parkside in San Francisico.  Tickets available at the door and can be pre-purchased at :

Here's the facebook event page with more info!

Don't miss one of the Bay Area's premiere heavy events of 2018!

California-based Ripple Music is one of the world's leading purveyors of heavy psych, stoner, doom and heavy rock.  All Ripple releases are available in physical and digital formats world-wide, and at the Ripple Music webstore and Bandcamp pages.  Check out the Ripple Music website for all news and information.

Ripple R Rehab - Deliverable_2_C_White.jpg

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Xroadie Files

Lady Beast – Vicious Breed
Deborah Levine- Vocals, Andy Ramage – Guitar, Chris Tritschler – Guitar, Greg Colaizzi – Bass, Adam Ramage – Drums

Seal The Hex has some great acoustic guitar and orchestration then a Judas Priest style of riff that just gets you fist pumpin' and some dual lead guitars that are great then a speed metal rhythm with some very powerful female vocals that remind me of Zed Yago.  The Long Way is just pure metal at its finest, fist pumping head banging metal with soaring vocals and screaming guitars.  Lone Hunter will have you doing air guitar or drums and would be awesome live to just rock out to.  Always With Me has a riff that sticks in your head for days and an awesome bass and drums that just makes you want to hear more along with the soaring vocals reminding me of Hellion.  Get Out is speed metal in all its glory, fast and heavy but still melodic.  Every Giant Shall Fall has an Iron Maiden style of rhythm like the sounds of thundering horses and vocals that reach your very soul.  Sky Graves slow and melodic guitars and a crash of cymbals then a plodding riff that is very soulful along with some excellent guitar that builds in intensity till the end with scorching guitars.  Vicious Breed is Overkill meets Iron Maiden, fast and heavy but with melody and lots of great fist pumping metal riffs.

The Obsessed – The Obsessed (Reissue) with Bonus – Concrete Cancer demo cassette and Live At The Bayou 4/15/1985
Scott Wino Weinreich -Guitar /Vocals, Reid Raley – Bass/Vocals, Brian Costantino – Drums/Vocals

Tombstone Highway is excellent stoner rock originally from 1990 with lots of emotion and it has sort of a Mahogany Rush flavor to it with searing guitars.  The Way She Fly dark and dreary with lots of dark emotion and a slow heavy beat.  Forever Midnight is very soulful in a Hendrix sort of way with some excellent bluesy guitar and a very solid rhythm section.  Ground Out scorching guitar that will have you playing air guitar and a solid heavy pounding riff.  Fear Child is a very Sabbath/Zeppelin style of riff with some great twists and turns.  Freedom is a Dio era Sabbath style of riff and solid beat with some amazing bass and scorching guitars which turns into an Ozzy style of song.  Red Disaster mixes Sabbath with stoner rock and some acid rock and you will have this.  Inner Turmoil is slow, steady, and pounding.  Get ready to just kick back and drift along with this rhythm.  River Of Soul reminds me of some of the older Trouble songs slow and pounding working its way down the road.

Concrete Cancer Demo – Concrete Cancer is excellent stoner Sabbath feeling music that takes your brain on a strange trip.  Feelingz has a sort of garage band meets stoner rock meets heavy metal with some feeling like Highway Star by Deep Purple along with some ripping guitar.  Mental Kingdom excellent drumming with freak guitar work and a solid bass that rumbles your brain.  Sit back and enjoy.  Hiding Masque slow melodic acoustic guitar melds it way into your hearing then a riff that catches your attention and stays for a while.

Live At The Bayou (4/15/1985)-  Ground Out/Feelingz get ready to check out the Obsessed live and in your face tripping through time and space with some excellent stoner rock.  Concrete Cancer will have the entire crowd head banging to the metal riff and fist pumping along.  No Blame is a punk meets metal style of song that will leave you wanting more.  Mental Kingdom will have you playing air drums and riffing your head off with a Hendrix meets Sabbath feel.  Tombstone Highway guitars tuning and a rhythm that just takes you driving down the highway.  Iron And Stone is almost speed metal with some amazing guitar and pounding drums that has a bass that just helps keep up the pace.  River Of Soul is slow and steady with lots of dark emotions that just tries to steal away your very soul.  Sitting on a Grave / I Don’t Care this will have the entire crowd jumping and moving around to the beat.  Freedom deep bass that gets the rhythm rolling along with some excellent drums that make you want to air drum.  Indestroy/Kill Ugly Naked is thrash speed metal grinding and pounding its way into your very psyche.

Pale Mare – Pale Mare
Eytan Gordan – Guitar Vocals, Tommy Gervais – Bass/Vocals, Luke Roberts – Drums

Carthage fast in your face heavy stoner rock with lots of grinding guitars solid heavy bass and drums dark yelling screaming vocals.  Descolada heavy rumbling bass, a fast drum beat and riffing guitars with more dark rough vocals.  Hoplite starts slow and steady then kicks in to run you over with thrash/stoner death metal intensity. 

Tuskar – Arianrhod
Tylar Hodges – Vocals/Drums, Tim Dimmock- Guitar

Fateweaver guitar feedback, pounding drums and guitars that scream and wail and lots of strange sounds.  Where Strides The Colossus slow grinding rough rhythms that slowly push you over the abyss with yelling vocals.  Toegrinder heavy pounding ripping guitars and then it slows down then dark gruff vocals.  Moon Hooch more feedback and rough riffs slow and steady like being run over by a steam roller.  Crimson Skull strange melodic sounds then a pounding beat that just tries to sneak around you and then push you over a cliff.

Bigfoot - Bigfoot
Anthony Ellis – Vocals, Sam Millar – Guitar, Mick McCullagh – Guitar, Matt Avery – Bass, Tom Aspinall - Drums

Karma has a Dream Theater meets Scorpions feel to the riff and some very powerful vocals that are easy to sing along to.  The Fear is a great song to drive down the highway to with some emotional vocals and awesome rhythm and soaring guitar.  Tell Me A Lie is a fast blues based style of head banging riff that makes you want to fist pump and mover from the very first note.  Forever Alone starts with very melodic guitar and very emotional vocals then slowly gets heavier becoming a great power ballad.  Eat Your Words more awesome blues based hard rock with a beat that will have your feet a movin and grooving.  Prisoner Of War has sort of a southern rock style of guitar reminds me of Blackfoot mixed with Tyketto.  Freak Show is a straight ahead hard rock metal song with lots of great rhythm section work and a voice that just seems to send you many places of excellence.  I Dare You gets your body to grooving and your feet to tapping with a very catchy riff with an awesome sing along vocal and scorching guitar.  The Devil In Me is more southern rock meets hard rock with vocals that just soar and a riff that stays with you almost forever and lead guitar that just sings.  Uninvited will have the entire crowd jumpin and fist pumping as well as singing along.  Yours slow melodic bass and great heartfelt vocals then a riff that makes you sway and slowly builds to a crescendo.


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Supergroup AMORIELLO announced first 7"-vinyl release February 2018

AMORIELLO is the project of Philadelphia-born guitarist and children’s picture book author, Thomas Amoriello, who has teamed up with a stellar roster of special guest musicians including former members of Black Sabbath, Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne, Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force, and the Michael Schenker Group to bring the 80's inspired metal with a modern feel. The first AMORIELLO release with H42 Records features a power ballad called Flood with Swedish vocalist Göran Edman (Yngwie, John Norum), British bass legend Neil Murray formerly of  Whitesnake and Black Sabbath, session ace drummer extraordinaire Atma Anur (Jason Becker, Cacophony, Richie Kotzen) and former Yngwie keysman Michael Troy.

An epic guitar instrumental called Nightmusic MCX with former Ozzy, Ultimate Sin era bassist Phil Soussan, Canadian drum virtuoso Shane Gaalaas (Michael Schenker Group, Uli Jon Roth) rounded out by Michael Troy fills up the B-Side with anthem like, 80's inspired metal.   

Amoriello’s books, A Journey to Guitarland with Maestro Armadillo and Ukulele Sam Strums in the Sand, have received favorable reviews in Guitar Player Magazine (USA), Rock Hard Magazine (Germany), Screamer Magazine (Los Angeles) and praise from guitar legends Brian May, Steve Hackett and Jennifer Batten.  Amoriello is also a respected music educator in the United States and earned a Master of Music Degree in classical guitar from Shenandoah Conservatory and is the Chair-Elect on the Council for Guitar Education of the National Association for Music Education.

Billion Dollar Babies, Feat. Original Alice Cooper Group Members, First Ever Live Show - Flint 1977 Now Available!

Featuring Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway & Neal Smith!

Alice Cooper was undoubtedly one of the major rock artists of the 1970s and 80s. However, what is less well known is that originally the man now known as “Alice” was called Vince and he was the lead singer of a band called “Alice Cooper.” The band consisted of lead singer Vince Furnier, Glen Buxton (lead guitar), Michael Bruce (rhythm guitar, keyboards, main songwriter), Dennis Dunaway (bass guitar), and Neal Smith (drums). Furnier legally changed his name to Alice Cooper and has had a solo career under that name since the band became inactive in 1975. The Alice Cooper Group played their final show on April 8, 1974 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Bruce, Dunaway and Smith would go on to form the short-lived band Billion Dollar Babies, producing one album titled “Battle Axe” in 1977. While occasionally performing with one another and Glen Buxton, they would not reunite with Alice until October 23, 1999, at the second Glen Buxton Memorial Weekend for a show at CoopersTown in Phoenix (Buxton having died in 1997). This is a recording of the Billion Dollar Babies first ever live show on July 6, 1977 in Flint, Michigan, and what a show it was!

I Miss You
Rock n Roll Radio
Love is Rather Blind
Rock Me Slowly
Alice Cooper Medley: No More Mr Nice Guy/Neal Smith solo/Elected/Eighteen/School's Out
Battle Axe Suite: Ego Mania
Battle Axe
Nights in Cracked Leather/Sudden Death/Winner
Too Young
Billion Dollar Babies

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Hazytones set their sites on North America as they announce 6 week cross-continent North American Tour!


Having already taken Europe and Canada by storm, The Hazytones now set their sites on the USA and Mexico as they announce their first ever cross-continent North American Tour!

Founded in 2015 in Montreal, Canada by singer/guitarist Mick Martel and drummer Antoine St-Germain, and now fleshed out by bassist Adam Gilbert, The Hazytones is a heavy stoner rock trio renowned for their onstage presence and musical intensity.

No strangers to the road, The Hazytones already laid waste to large areas of Canada  on their inaugural, twenty-three show tour across that nation--touring behind the strength of their first single and music video,  ‘Living On The Edge’.

Now the band will storm North America for a massive 6 week --43 shows in 46 days-- trek across USA, Mexico and Canada in support of their Ripple Music debut LP, The Hazytones.  Originally self-released and and widely received by stoner/psychedelic rock communities, the band signed to heavy rock leader, Ripple Music for an exclusive North American release of the album.

The trio are know to stun their audiences with riff after riff fat tone and heavy destruction.  See the tour poster below for dates near you. Not a show to miss!

Stream and share the album in full here –

 Or order the album now at

Founded in 2015 in Montreal, Canada by singer/guitarist Mick Martel and drummer Antoine St-Germain, and now fleshed out by bassist Adam Gilbert, The Hazytones is a heavy stoner rock trio renowned for their onstage presence and musical intensity.
 Hazytones tour poster with dates3.png

Monday, December 4, 2017

MANGOO: Finnish Fuzz Rockers Premiere "Beyond The Sky" Video At New Noise Magazine; The Heat Release Day Nears

View / Share MANGOO's "Beyond The Sky" Video HERE. 

Finnish fuzz rockers MANGOO (pronounced "man go") will drop their forthcoming full-length, The Heat, via Small Stone next week. The Turku-based outfit's third full-length boasts a wall of thick, fuzz-fueled guitars and hard-hitting drums with an added sprinkling of analog synth sounds. Combined they result in a sound truly the band's own - someplace between grunge, classic heavy rock, and a progressive psychedelic spaciousness that refuses any and all boundaries of style between rock and metal and beyond.

In advance of its release New Noise Magazine offers up the official new video for "Beyond The Sky." The captivating new clip was selected to be screened and compete in the Finnish Oulu Music Video Festival 2017. Offers the band of their latest Atte Heinonen-directed work, "Once again, director Atte Heinonen did an amazing job with the video. We are especially thankful for not having to appear in it at all. Atte and Juha [Koivisto] came up with an interesting and personal interpretation that gives the song a new dimension. We are also very grateful for Gidon Tannenbaum's [Mother Kasabian] kick ass guest appearance on the track."

Adds Atte Heinonen, "Tormenter is alluring. Tormenter is cunning. Tormenter is brutal. Tormenter is with us all. Can you find a key to your prison? The video to MANGOO's 'Beyond The Sky' is a grindhouse style story about three young women on a roadtrip that takes a strange turn. The soundtrack vibe of the song inspired me to make a cinematic video, actually more like a short film. We developed the idea during the summer of 2016, and the production started in the fall. All in all, we spent seven days shooting it. We built our own props and two sets of miniature models. Two of the locations where in an old clergy house dating from the 18th century. We got the whole thing done just in time for the Oulu Music Video Festival, where it was accepted into the domestic competition category. There it went up against 112 other videos selected from 402 entries. For a music video, this was quite a big chunk of work, but we got it packaged very nicely thanks to an amazing and dedicated team!"

View "Beyond They Sky," courtesy of New Noise Magazine, at THIS LOCATION.

And if you missed it, view the video clip for MANGOO's first single, "Relief," RIGHT HERE.

The Heat will see release via Small Stone on December 8th, 2017. Preorders are currently available at THIS LOCATION.

MANGOO has been busting out the fuzz since 2005 when they released their untitled debut EP. Countless beers, shows, and drummers later in 2009 the first full-length, Neolithic, was released on 7:45 Records. With a firm lineup of vocalist/guitarist Richard "Pickles" Dahllund, guitarist/backing vocalist Mathias "Mattarn" Åkerlund, bassist/backing vocalist Igor del Toro, drummer/backing vocalist Teemu Pulkkinen, and keyboardist/backing vocalist/noisemaker/engineer Niklas Björklund, they engage new expanses as they follow-up their 2012 Small Stone debut, Neverland, with the eleven songs of The Heat.

Mega-choruses like "Get Away" and "Grey Belly" provide landmarks while MANGOO brings psychedelic heft to "Beyond The Sky" and the title-track, which, at seven minutes, seems to draw together everything the album that shares its name has to offer - except perhaps in the closing cover of Eddie Murphy's 1985 single "Party All The Time." Not that they needed to remind listeners to stay on their toes because you never know what's coming when MANGOO emerges from the studio, but suffice it to say the track remains an earworm for the ages.

All told, MANGOO's The Heat is fifty-three minutes of masterful heavy rock and roll of inimitable personality and unmistakable songcraft. It is a welcome return after half a decade from a band who have obviously not been wasting their time in terms of growth and forward progression, and a surefire highlight for any underground heads lucky enough to take it on.

Save Big In The 12 Days Of Sale Now –25% Off Everything

12 Days Of Sale – 25% Off Everything

Now through December 12th, 2017 save 25% off everything at Every order will receive a free CD sampler and three Victory Records stickers. All orders over $50.00 will receive a free CD sampler, three Victory Records stickers, and a Victory Records Logo t-shirt!

December 12th is the last day to guarantee delivery by December 24th with domestic ground shipping. Expedited shipping options are available. Have a question regarding an order? E-mail us at to receive a rapid response - include your phone number.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Xroadie Files

Defecto – Nemesis
Nicklas Sonne – Vocals/Guitar, Frederik Moller – Guitar, Thomas Bartholin – Bass, Lars Jensen - Drums

The Final Night Of Silence is a slowly building classical style intro into Nemesis.  Nemesis is dark and brooding with an excellent riff and great vocals.  Awesome shredding guitars.  Endlessly Falling has an excellent heavy ripping guitar riff with more soaring vocals that remind me of Khan that used to be with Kamelot.  Savage has a blues based riff with some great playing from the drums and bass along with the ever present awesome vocals kind of like a progressive heavy Gotthard.  The Nameless Apparition is more of a heavy thrash progressive song that would be great to start a fist pump going and headbanging.  The Sacrificed melodic keys heartfelt vocals continue thru the song.  Ode To The Damned acoustic guitar and the sounds of wind blowing then an awesome guitar then the rest of the band kicks in with a very excellent rhythm and a few time changes.  Gravity just heavy straight forward Led Zeppelin influenced heavy metal with more scorching guitar.  Ablaze is a very Dream Theater influenced song with some dark vocals added.  Before The Veil a head banging fist pumping riff that will have the entire crowd moving and grooving.  We’re All The Enemy air raid sirens fill the air then a heavy fast almost speed metal rhythm and grinding guitar with gruff and melodic mixed vocals.  Ascend To Heaven melodic keys and more soulful vocals that slowly builds into one epic progressive number going back and forth from slow to fast.  This is one excellent prog metal album.

DR Gonzo And The Cheesy Boys – The Witch
Mattia Montenergi – Drums, Emil Quattrini – Keyboards, Carlo Barabaschi – Guitar,
Filippo Cavalli – Bass

The Witch Side A & B – Side A starts with some very Rick Wakeman influenced  keyboards and sounds that take you back to the days of the psychedelic 70’s then more of a Pink Floyd influence moves in.  Sit back, close your eyes and be ready to take a trip through your mind as a Deep Purple influence sneaks into the music with maybe some early Uriah Heep as well.  Almost 14 minutes of mind tripping music.  Side B is a continuation of a little over 15 minutes of the trip through space and time with many prog rock influences.

Hangman – A Vile Decree
Pesticide grinding heavy riff based music with a Bio Hazard feel and lots of yelling punk like vocals.  Coming To is just straight ahead punk in your face rock.  Abandoned has a Nuclear Assault/MOD style to the music with more yelling punk vocals.  A Vile Decree is more MOD/SOD mixed with NY hardcore punk.  Life Sentence has a great mosh pit rhythm a that will have the pit going crazy.

Infidel Reich – Infidel Reich
Bob Bagchus, Vincent Crowley, Stijn Bogers, McNasty

Infidel Reich starts with sounds of a battle with marching drums then a riff that grabs you by the throat as it punches you in the face and vocals that just scream in your face.  Quranicide full in your face hardcore punk metal with lots of aggression.  Generation So Fake floor rumbling bass heavy guitar riffs and rough hardcore punk style vocals grind their way into your very being.  Crush and Destroy a grinding heavy mosh pit rhythm that just slowly runs you over then the pace picks up back and forth till the end.  The Overseer another slow grinding riff like old Sabbath with gruff vocals.  Like being run over by a street sweeper.

LA Guns – The Missing Peace
Philip Lewis – Vocals, Tracii Guns – Guitar, Johnny Martin – Bass, Michael Grant – Guitar, Shane Fitzgibbon – Drums

It’s All The Same To Me has an excellent hard rock riff that is heavy and catchy with a great rhythm section and the great vocals of Philip Lewis.  Speed is a fast heavy hard rock song that will have your fist a pumping and feet a moving.  A great song to drive to.  A Drop Of Bleach is a straight forward metal song with a great riff pounding drums rumbling bass and great vocals and some excellent lead guitar.  Sticky Fingers will take you back to the glory days of the sunset strip and heavy metal days.  Christine is a power balled in the classic style.  Lots of melody and excellent lead guitar and a great sing along vocal.  Baby Got Fever has a very catchy riff that sticks in your head along with a sing along vocal and an extremely tight rhythm section.  Kill It Or Die is a blues based heavy metal riff with some outstanding drums and bass with some interesting vocals and scorching guitar.  Don’t Bring a Knife To A Gun Fight is one of those riffs that just makes you want to get out and ride fast and dangerously or just head bang too if that's what you choose.  The Floods The Fault Of The Rain acoustic guitar and the sounds of thunder then a slow melodic riff and very soulful vocals then the song moves from heavy to melodic back and forth.  The Devil Made Me Do It a very foot tapping drum and solid bass with a great riff and sing along vocals and searing lead guitar.  The Missing Peace very nice acoustic guitar and orchestration then the heartfelt vocals come in then an awesome rhythm from the entire band.  An awesome power ballad.  Gave it All Away starts with soulful acoustic guitar then a slow melodic style that just warms your very soul.  Close your eyes and just drift to the music.  In my opinion this might just be the best album that LA Guns has ever done.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

HPS ANNOUNCEMENT: Killer Boogie - Acid Cream, PRESALE starts !!!

December 1st we started the presale of the sophomore Killer Boogie album Acid Cream !!!

Be quick and grab your copy here:

Check also new Killer Boogie t-shirts here:




"Acid Cream" marks the fuzzy comeback of KILLER BOOGIE !!!
Gabriele Fiori and Luigi Costanzo are joined by the new bassist Nicola Cosentino on this 11 track long trip. The new album is inspired by the crazy days of the late 60s and the 70s, with a pinch of proto-punk and proto-metal feeling in the sound of this sophomore incredible album. This album is filled with riffs that will please all fuzz & muff lovers. The vocals have both a vintage melodic touch and an aggressive punch.

Fast and heavy songs get mixed with catchy and happy ones. From shorter and direct tunes to some with long and changing parts, the power trio gives the listener an easy yet rocking and rolling listening experience.

This LP, recorded in the summer of 2017 and mixed in the fall, includes new riffs and grooves following the footsteps of MC5 and Cream, together with a bunch of songs played live since long time and never recorded before.

All the tasty licks, the raw sounds and the light-hearted atmospheres are perfectly described by the trippy artwork of the Swedish artist Robin Gnista.


Gabriele Fiori - Guitar & vocals
Luigi Costanzo - Drums
 Nicola Cosentino - Bass

Heavy Psych Sounds Records&Booking

Friday, December 1, 2017

AUDREY HORNE - Release First Track & Music Video From Upcoming Album!

Photo credit by Bent René Synnevåg

Let’s go!

AUDREY HORNE will be back on the road with their new beauty “Blackout” in January 2018 – as a brand new release and for a tour throughout Germany, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland as well.

Today the band delivers a kick-ass live video for the first song from the new album entitled “This Is War” which is a massive rock`n`roll party!   

AUDREY HORNE states on the first track release “This Is War”:
“We are proud to soon be able to release our new album Blackout, and to give you a taste of what’s to come we are doing an early release of the opening track “This is war”. We are first and foremost a live band so we have added some images from our life on the road to accompany it. Hope to see you as a part of this when we start our tour in January.
Stay classy,
Audrey Horne. “

Lend your ear to the thundering Iron Maiden leads that “This Is War” has to offer and watch the video HERE!
Album artwork by Asle Birkeland

A relentlessly hot and timeless hard rock outfit with 12 ultra-catchy, fist-pumping songs will await!

Full Blackout track listing:
1. This Is War
2. Audrevolution
3. Blackout
4. This One
5. Midnight Man
6. Light Your Way
7. California
8. Satellite
9. Naysayer
10. Rose Alley
11. Juggernaut (Bonus Track)
12. The End (Bonus Track)

Blackout will be available in the following formats:
Ltd Digipack incl 2 Bonus Tracks
1LP Gatefold + 7inch incl 2 Bonus Tracks
Digital Album 10 Tracks

Get your exclusive pre-order HERE right NOW!

If you want to meet the power package of AUDREY HORNE live on tour next year, better not miss out on these upcoming shows! This will reduce venues in Europe to piles of dust:
18.01.2018 DE – Berlin, Musik & Frieden
19.01.2018 NL – Arnhem, Willemeen
20.01.2018 FR – Paris, Le Petit Bain
21.01.2018 DE – Frankfurt, Nachtleben
22.01.2018 DE – Cologne, Jungle
24.01.2018 CH – Oberentfelden, Börömpömpöm
25.01.2018 DE – Munich, Kranhalle
26.01.2018 DE – Dresden, Beatpol
28.01.2018 DE – Hamburg, Hafenklang       

Torkjell Rød - Vocals
Arve Isdal - Guitars
Thomas Tofthagen - Guitars
Espen Lien - Bass
Kjetil Greve - Drums

For More Info Visit:

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